LOQI is a global brand that brings art in the form of original bag designs. Artists from all over the world create a wide range of unique graphic designs for bags. Loqi are committed to being not only high quality, environmentally friendly and affordable, but we want our bags to appeal to people from all over the spectrum. The more people like our bags, the more people will practice reuse, the better we will be tomorrow. Let LOQI be your brand’s ticket to travel far and travel wide. LOQI creates custom bags with an eco-friendly message. You could have the rendez-vous with La Biennale Paris. A meeting of minds with Art Miami. LOQI trusts in the value of art and culture. From the Louvre to the TATE, the Guggenheim to the Getty. From Murakami to Malevich. Brand offers 300 of the world’s finest artworks from the world’s finest museums. You can find a LOQI just about anywhere on this tiny planet. Finally there is enough art to go around!